Thursday, February 22, 2007

Great Day on Calhoun

Yesterday Nora and I (later joined by Pete) went out to hit the wind at Calhoun. The conditions (aside from a couple of lulls) were perfect - 42 degrees, packed snow, and great wind speed (maybe 10-12?). I'm finally getting comfortable on the big kite and spent most of my time practicing boosts. Got a couple nice ones and lots of tiny ones, but more importantly I'm starting to get my confidence back after having a few mishaps earlier this season. Cruising around at pretty fast speeds, leaning against the kite hard enough to touch the snow with one hand, and feeling like I finally have some control over my boosts was awesome. I probably looked like an elephant on ice skates, but I felt like Ruben Lenten on skiis. It was great. Nora also did great and was zooming around like a pro, dispite being a little underpowered on her 10m. She's really getting good at working that kite! I can't wait to get out on Pepin and see her really rock! All in all, it was one of the most fun days I've had kiting yet. The only problem was that we were having such a good time that nobody wanted to stop to pick up a camera, so there's no pics from the lake. The final highlight of the day was that Nora made me an awesome weight bag with a "Z" patch on it just for me! Now I can leave the kite set up without it blowing around the lake, and make self-launching easier. Thanks again, Nora -- You Rock!