Saturday, September 23, 2006

Vermillion Cleanup

About 25 of us met to clean up the Vermillion River today. The local kids make a hobby of throwing trash off the cliffs and the bridge, so every year local paddlers go down there to clean it up. We took out 16 bicycles, 1 television, 1 mattress, 1 bench seat from a pickup truck, and a couple dozen bags full of miscellaneous trash. Thanks to Nora for bringing her raft along to use as a garbage barge (be sure to hit the link to her blog to see more pics), and big thanks to Bill for taking the pics. Also, props to Dennis and Dave for organizing everything and gathering supplies.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Wolf Part I

Nate G, Natalie G (no relation), Mike J, Kari, Dennis, T-bone, and myself took a spin up to Section IV of the wolf to check out the fall colors and see what the river looked like at low water. We paddled Section IV on Saturday, then camped at Bear Paw, then Nate, Natlie, Mike, and I did Section III on Sunday, while Kari and Tony headed up to Piers Gorge. Despite the low water, the drops were alot of fun and somehow the sun managed to peek out just as we were getting on the river. Gots some decent pictures, but didn't bring along the good camera like I had wanted to. Be sure to look for Natalie entering the first hole in the Dells shot (2nd pic in this post). I had to post the pics for this trip in 2 posts because Blogger seems to have trouble displaying more than 5 shots at a time. Be sure to check the Wolf Part II post for the rest of the pics!

Wolf Part II

Ok, Here's the rest of the pics. Anybody who was on the trip and wants me to send them a CD with all of the pics can e-mail me. Otherwise, I'll keep copies for when I see you guys next.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wausau 9-3-06

Made it out to the last Wausau release of the year. It was great to see Dennis, Bill, Kari, Nora, and others out there. Unfortunately, I wasn't paddling that well, but the weather was great and it was a good time. Also, Kim came along to check it out and shoot some pictures. After the release, we hung around wausau that night, then stopped by the Leinenkugel brewery on our way home on Monday. Fun weekend, despite my paddling issues.