Sunday, July 23, 2006

Climbing, Canoeing, and Camping

Most of this weekend was spent between Rochester and Whitewater State park nearby. My self, Kim, and Kim's friends Lindsey and Jason climbed over 600 stairs to get up a hill to a forest service tower, then climbed the tower for a pretty cool view. After that, we spent 3 hours canoeing the Whitewater river, then camped in the state park. Great cooking on the part of Lindsey and Jason led to an awesome fire-grilled dinner. Great weather, great weekend.

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Nora said...

My sister and I used to take the kids and pugs there lots of years ago. I've been up those stairs before. Fun place and good trout fishing. Now the locals can direct you to a farmer that allows camping on his property on the Whitewater river. It borders state land and it's a great private place to camp. Hike upstream from there and you'll find the mother of all beaver dams! Looks like it was alot of fun!