Monday, September 18, 2006

Wolf Part I

Nate G, Natalie G (no relation), Mike J, Kari, Dennis, T-bone, and myself took a spin up to Section IV of the wolf to check out the fall colors and see what the river looked like at low water. We paddled Section IV on Saturday, then camped at Bear Paw, then Nate, Natlie, Mike, and I did Section III on Sunday, while Kari and Tony headed up to Piers Gorge. Despite the low water, the drops were alot of fun and somehow the sun managed to peek out just as we were getting on the river. Gots some decent pictures, but didn't bring along the good camera like I had wanted to. Be sure to look for Natalie entering the first hole in the Dells shot (2nd pic in this post). I had to post the pics for this trip in 2 posts because Blogger seems to have trouble displaying more than 5 shots at a time. Be sure to check the Wolf Part II post for the rest of the pics!


Nora said...

Hey Bryan!
Wish I could have been there! I was with you all in thought though. Think rain! Or maybe wind...North Shore surf? Could be fun!

Anonymous said...

Have I mentioned that in every kayaking pic of yours that I've seen the poor kayaker looks like he/she is about to die a very painful death. There are no pictures of smiling people in placid waters. Instead there are huge rocks and rapids and I am always surprised to hear that everyone made it back happy and healthy. I am so not happy that you are trying to recruit my husband into this sport....he barely manages to survive on land - let's not put water into the picture. Anyway, I'm glad everyone had fun (you crazy people). Give us a call if you're free for dinner one night!