Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good Water

Went down to the Verm yesterday expecting it to be a puny 150cfs. Once we got there, though, it didn't take long to see that the level was much closer to 300, and the river was actually at a really good level. The water was pretty cold, but the playspots wre rockin. Nick and I got there early and made a 2-hour morning run. I kept gettting flipped in Railroad, then having to roll back up in the hole and surf my way out with an ice cream headache. For whatever reason, I seemed to be the only person all day that didn't just wash out when they flipped. Nick was rockin' in there with some low-angle cartwheels and good spins, but he had some other commitments and had to leave just before the rest of the crew showed up around 11:30. Having had enough brain freezes for one day, I decided to take some pics, rather than make another run. It turned out to be a great day for it with warm sun and good water.


Dennis said...

Oh my word Bryan--these shots are FANTASTIC--thanks for posting these! :)

Bryan said...

Thanks D, glad to hear that you like 'em. The ones I posted of you were more for variety of pictures than anything -- the good ones are on the CD, though.

Nora said...

Great shots Bryan! Beautiful day on the river!