Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kettle Run

A good rain storm sent the Kettle level up to about 2000cfs, so Dennis and I headed up for an afternoon session. We carpooled, which meant park-n-play at Blueberry and Teacher's Pet. We also met "Stretch" as we were getting geared up, but he was done for the day. The water was pretty big, but not quite the ideal play level I remembered. Good wave surfing on the Big Wave in Blueberry. Carving was easy and I even managed to get my boat off the water on one or two bounces. The wave was pretty flat, but it was still possible to hit and hold a back surf if you were careful. Dennis met his nemesis on a frustrating wave right below the big one. It looked like a great play feature, but it was a long and difficult ferry out to it and it seemed to fade away the second you got there. Noble efforts were made to make it work, though. After tiring ourselves out in Blueberry, I decided to check out Teacher's Pet. It looked nice and deep, but attempts at both loops and cartwheels ended with my bow meeting the bedrock in an unfriendly way. The surfer's left side seemed deep enough to work with, but I couldn't find any way to get lined up on it. Kind of frustrating. On the upside, Dennis proved himself to be quite a lensman with the big camera. He actually did well enough that someone who doesn't know me might believe I could actually paddle! Big thanks for taking the pics. Finally, we were treated to a beautiful evening for the drive home. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Bryan--you promised my portrait would be up!

Thanks for not keeping that promise. ;)


Nora said...

Hey Bryan!
Looks like it was awesome! What portrait if D is that??? Inquiring minds want to know :)

Bryan said...

It's a picture of dennis giving his best modeling pose. I'm hesitant to post it for fear that Dennis will suddenly be mauled by every hot college girl who sees it. It's for his safety.

Nora said...

You can send it to my blog Bryan...no "hot" college girls go there. He should be safe from a mauling ;)