Thursday, August 23, 2007

Verm Again

Dennis, Paul B, and I headed down to catch what was left of the Verm flow. The water level was only in the 70-80 cfs range (about 1/2 of Monday's level), but was still fun. Triple was in and fun, Railroad had the spin-o-matic groove on surfer's right, and Donut was a real lively and fun time that was perfect for hand surfing. Couple noteworthy events: First, Dennis and I completed the first (to out knowledge) tandem spin in Donut - we were party surfing the wave, linked boats, and got spun around like that; Second, I had a beaver dive out of the grass after fisherman's and swim directly under my boat. On a less cool note, there is now a man's wedding band somewhere in the rocks immediately upstream from the takeout and on the river right side. Nate had taken a friend down the river shortly before Dennis, Paul, and I arrived. Apparently his friend did well, but flipped right before the takeout and lost his ring while fighting to get upright again. If you see a shiny band in the water, grab it and let Nate G know!

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