Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Well, the trip has been a whirlwind so far. Bergen was amazing - big enough to have plenty to do, but still has a very small town, laid-back feel. Plus, it's absolutely beautiful with a harbor on the fjord and mountains that run right into the city. The weird part is that before 11am on a Sunday the place is a total ghost town. There's not a light on, not a door open, and not a person on the street. Very strange, but gave us a peaceful time to walk around. We toured around, took a bunch of pictures, and rode the funicular up the mountain. From the top we had a spectacular view of everything, followed by a hike down through the forest. It was beautiful and Bergen is becoming one of my favorite cities yet.

From there, we took the train back to Oslo and spent the night, then did the Vikingship museum and the Folk museum in Oslo before catching our flight to Ireland.

Last night we arrived in Dublin and headed to Temple Bar so Kim could have her first real Guinness. it was a Monday, so the pubs were pretty quiet, but it was still nice to be down there. Today we toured the Guiness Storehouse and then headed out of town. We drove all the way across the Island (4.5 hours) to Galway on the West Coast. We're staying here tonight, then heading to the Cliffs of Mohr tomorrow before driving to Blarney (i.e. blarney stone) and then spending tomorrow night in Cork.

The only hitch so far has been navigating the car around in the cities. I had forgotten how stressful it is. It took an hour or to before I got used to driving on the Left side again, but that was nothing compared to trying to Navigate in Galway where there are no street signs. No kidding. We drove around for almost 45 minutes and only saw 3 the entire time. In the end, we found ourselves on a map by landmarks and made our way to our hostel. Sure do miss the awesome public transport system in Norway.

Till next time....


Dennis said...

I never quite worked up the nerve to drive on the left side of the road. The month I spent in NZ I just took the bus.

In other news, I am SOOOOOOO totally jealous of this trip of yours! ;)

laura said...

yayyyyyy for guinness!!! and beautiful pictures!