Saturday, January 05, 2008

How Swede It Is

Caleb, Jackie, Nicole, Nora, and I headed out to Swede lake today to check out a Snow Kite festival that was going on out there. There were probably 50 cars there and well over 60 people. As soon as you got near the lake you could see kites zipping around everywhere. I don't think there was ever a time when there weren't at least a dozen in the air. To make it even cooler, there was a terrain park set up out on the lake that included a wooden ramp that was about 9' tall. Kiters were flying off of it and over the crowd of people gathered at its base. It was really cool to see. I didn't spend much time watching, however, because Caleb, Jackie, and Nicole were all out for their first time kiting. All three of them did great - they each mastered the 3.6m trainer kite (even in really unsteady winds) and moved up to the 5m. By the end of the day Caleb was making short runs on his snowboard, Jackie had a couple good runs on her skiis, and Nicole was zipping around like a pro. If we'd have had more time I'm sure all three of them would have been practicing boosting. It was really fun to watch. I do have to apologize for not taking advantage of the amazing photo ops that were everywhere and people flying all around - all 3 newbies were progressing so fast I barely had time to pick up the camera. Nora got some good pics and videos (as usual), so check her blog for better pics.

As an added bonus to a great day, I got to try out the 4wd on my new truck! After 13 years of rear wheel drive, it sure was nice to be able to scoot across the snowy lake without worrying about getting stuck.

Great day, great time. Huge props to Caleb, Jackie, and Nicole for absolutely rocking!

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