Sunday, May 11, 2008

Epic Kettle Day

Wow, that was fun! There were a whole bunch of us that met up at the Kettle yesterday. Though it was cool, overcast, and became rainy, I don't think I've ever had a better day on the river. The level was about 1800 cfs (3.4 feet bridge gauge) and just about every feature on the river was awesome. We had big waves in Blueberry, great hole action at Teacher's pet, and 4' wave trains through Mother's, Dragon's tooth, and Hell's gate.

To make it even better, I think just about everyone hit some sort of milestone today. Aaron and Caleb were really putting Teacher's Pet through it's paces, surfing, spinning, and nearly making their cartwheels. Props to both of them for throwing it down like that. Kim, who was making his second descent of the Kettle ever, not only rocked in the big water, but proved that he actually has a scuba tank tucked somewhere beneath his PFD. He definitely gets the award for absolutely refusing to swim. It was cool to watch him fight it out and come out rightside up! Nora was looking great in the big water and came through the whole day without even getting flipped. Nate had some sweet flatwater moves and laid down some sweet video commentary - can't wait to see it. Bill was rockin in the Flip-stick; surfing up everything and working on flatwater ends.

As for me, I had what was quite possibly my best paddling yet. Everything was just working. I hit a couple ends in Teacher's, managed my first successful wavewheels, and managed to get locked into an inadvertant bow stall that went on all the way through the lower portion of Hell's gate.

Between the water level, the amazing luck I was having on the water, and the awesome company I was with, I really can't think of a better day on the river. Can't wait to get out again.

These pics are all from warm up wave and Blueberry, but Nora's got some great ones on her blog from further down so check 'em out!

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Nora said...

SWEET Photos Bryan!!!!