Saturday, July 26, 2008

Diving Square Lake

Zach and I headed out to Square Lake to see if we still remembered how to dive. Since neither of us had been out since our Madiera wreck dive last year, we were both definitely in need of some downtime.

Neither of us had been to square lake before, and we were pleasantly surprised. Even though the visibility was only about 5 feet, there's plenty to see. There's the tail section of an airplane, 3 underwater platforms, a chainsaw, an underwater toilet (no kidding - someone mounted a toilet to one of the platforms), lots of fish, and more. The dive sites are all in about 20' of water, so it's a very safe and easy dive to do. The water's also nice and warm above the thermocline, so you don't need the extremely bulky 7mm double suits that we use in a lot of other lakes.

I got some pictures of one of the bass we encountered, the tail section of the plane (with a toy rake on top and guidelines leading away from it), and some other stuff. Unfortunately, my camera shut off about 1/2 way through the dive, so I didn't get pics of the best stuff, which we found later. This included a fish (Bluegill) that seemed to have fallen in love with me and kept "kissing" my mask and Zach sitting on the underwater toilet. I guess that gives me some pics to shoot for next time.

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