Saturday, January 29, 2011


And we''re off!

Plane The huge, white 747 that was waiting for us at the airport was a very happy sight.  After months of waiting, Kim and I were finally setting off for our Honeymoon! We owe a huge thanks to all of our family and friends that contributed to our Honeymoon Registry and to Peter and Kathi, who were kind enough to give us two Buddy Passes for Delta Airlines. Without all of that help, there is no way this trip would be possible for us. The plan is to see a lot of Thailand and a small part of Cambodia, along with two days visiting Peter and Kathi in Tokyo on our way home.

So, off we go on the 747.

MSP-Tokyo: We got Business class seats! Thanks to Peter and Kathi's passes, we get an automatic upgrade to Business class when seats are available. It's pretty darn amazing. Kim and I are like little kids up here playing with the 10-button seat controls, the complimentary slippers, and all of the other toys they gave us for the flight. As awesome as those toys are, though, they're nothing compared to the food! Dinner would have held its own against any upscale restaurant meal I've ever had. The biggest problem now is trying to get comfy after eating till it hurts. Definitely could be worse! In between playing with the gadgets and eating, I managed to start reading Into the Wild, finally got to see Avatar, and even got some work done!  Kim watches some movies and then is lucky enough to be able to catch some sleep. 

DSC08757 Tokyo-Singapore: After a short layover in Narita (Tokyo) airport, I'm excited to see more of Tokyo on the way home. We got glimpses of all kinds of little unique products and customs that make me think getting out in the city should be a blast! But, that will be for another day, as we get back in the air for the next leg of the trip. This time we're in coach, but that's fine with us. We're both still full from the first flight and ready to try to get some sleep.

We arrive in Singapore around midnight, and spend the night in an in-airport hotel that rents rooms in 6-hour increments. This is perfect for us, as our next flight leaves 7 hours after we land. 

Singapore-Bangkok: 4:45am comes awfully early when you get in bed at midnight. But, it also gives us a chance for a quick shower before heading to our first regional flight of the trip. We're taking Tiger Air up to Bangkok and we should arrive before 9am. This should give us the whole day to start exploring the city and help get us acclimated to the time zone. To give you an idea of the time change we're working with, we left home at 1:15 on Wednesday and we're arriving in Bangkok at 8:40am on Friday.   All told, it was about 33 hours from the time we left our house to the time we arrived in Bangkok.  Whew!

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