Monday, March 14, 2011

Polar Plunge!

Wow, the 2011 polar plunge was a huge success!   People donated over OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         $2100 to Special Olympics for us to jump into a hole in the ice in Lake Calhoun.  It was definitely cold, but also definitely worth it. 

This was my fifth Plunge, and every time has been a day of awesome energy and crazy fun.   This year was no exception, with 9 other Plungers in our group.   We met up for breakfast and a little liquid courage in Uptown, then headed on the shuttle over to the lake.    At the lake is always a crazy and fun scene.  There’s music, all kinds of crazy costumes, hot tubs, and of course one big hole in the lake.   The best part of the whole thing is the energy that comes from a couple thousand people all soaking up the fact that they’re about to do something crazy!  Our theme OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         was W-W-W-Where’s W-W-W-Waldo, so be sure to look for Derek (aka Waldo) peeking out in the pictures! 

We had a ton of fun, but that really is balanced by how much good the money will do with Special Olympics.  We really can’t thank those who donated enough!









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