Monday, November 13, 2006

New Toy

Well, the Midwest Expo got the best of me this year. After several months of wishing for rain that never came, new hobbies were looking pretty good. So, when I saw the Kiting booths set up in the tent, it was pretty tough to resist. I am now the proud owner of an Ozone Samurai2 power kite. My plan is to mostly use it with my skiis this winter, but who knows. Rumor has it that you can use them with just about anything: skiis, boards, skates, rollerblades, you name it. Aside from looking insanely fun, I figure that the variety of uses should finally give me a hobby that's not necessarily precipitation-dependent. Here's a pic of my Kite, as well as a link to some pics you can check out on the local community website. Hopefully soon I'll have some of my own.

1 comment:

Nora said...

Hey Bryan,
I've been thinking about kiting also. Lake Pepin down here is huge and would be a good place when all freezes over. Let me know how yours goes.