Thursday, November 30, 2006

Verm Day

Brrrrr. Nora, Brian, Spot, Dennis, Caleb and myself braved the cold to go paddling on Nora's Birthday. The verm was only pushing about 55 cfs, but we still had a couple of good surfs and definitely some fun. We even had a bit of an early river clean up, removing a microwave and a traffic cone that the local losers threw off the bridge. It was interesting getting the gear off at the end of the run. With temps in the 20's, everything froze together. The zippers made for an especially challenging task. My paddling camera is currently on vacation in the Bahamas (darn camera's got it better than I do) so I don't have any pics, but Nora's got some great ones. Check out her blog to view them (the link is on the right of this page, under "links" -> "Nora's Blog". Make sure you get a look at the icicles hanging from Spot's helmet.

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