Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Huge Boost

Nate, Jeremy, and I headed back to Nokomis today to make use of the continuing 15-20mph winds. Day started off frustrating with lots of problems with kites and lines, which culminated in me cutting 4 of my bridle lines with my skate. I managed to tie them together as a band-aid fix and hit some boosts, though. That really helped the fustration. Then I got one boost that was unreal. I had a good gust of wind going and was moving pretty quick. I sent the kite high as hard as I could, then got yanked up. The first four or five feet were awesome. Then, another gust hit and I went up about another 5 feet. At this point, I was about 10 feet up and stopped paying attention to what I was doing with the kite. As a result, I pretty much got dropped on my @$#, rather than gently set down. Check the collage sequence for the pics. I now have a puffy elbow and lots of sore muscles, but it was awesome. Huge thanks to Jeremy for getting the pics.

Also, Congrats to Jeremy for getting a harness and some new skates. Kinda hate these addicting, expensive hobbies, but it's still fun to get new gear!

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