Sunday, October 28, 2007

Kettle Day

Great day on the Kettle with Dennis, Nora, Bill, Jade, Brian G, Bobzilla, Stretch, and Monkey Boy. The level was good and the main wave in Blueberry was like surfing silk. Really fun. I tried a couple blunts but couldn't stick 'em. A few people got spins on the wave, and everybody got some good carving in. There's a video of a short surf Dennis had toward the bottom of this page - you can see how smooth the wave is. We also spent some time wheeling (and endering) at Last Chance Ledge. Then, Brian and Jade got to hit their first waterfalls on Wolf Creek. You can see the video of Nora running it at the bottom of the post. Great fall paddling day. I tossed some more videos on my YouTube page, and got the Web album uploaded so that you can download the full size files. Check the links to the Web Albums and YouTube.

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