Sunday, October 21, 2007

More to Come...

OK, here's the first of the pics from yesterday. Click on the filmstrips to enlarge them - there's one of each of us. It was truly one of the best paddling days I've had. The weather was beautiful and the water was up. We ran the Knife and baby section of the Lester and had a thoroughly great time. It was Caleb, Dennis, Bill, Graeme, and I on the Knife, then we met up with Nora when we went over to the lester. The Knife was amazing, with a little bit of everything - a bit of technical water, a ton of waves, and some great holes to surf. The pics are from Fish Falls, which is the largest drop on the river. Bill, Caleb, and Graeme all made clean runs with huge endings as they rocketed up out of the water. Dennis had a good line, but got sucked back in and beaten pretty thoroughly (see filmstrip #4). To his credit he took it like a man, rolling up twice in the curtain before swimming. Props to Graeme for jumping in his boat to chase Dennis's down a difficult rapid. Also props to Caleb for coming up with the Carabiner-on-a-stick contraption that we used to free Dennis's boat from the rock it was stuck on. After that, we went back to the falls and Bill let me borrow his Burn to run the drop (big thanks). I made it pretty clean, but definitely needed a good stroke or two at the bottom to avoid getting sucked back in. After that, it was cruising through the waves and surfing some holes. Great river. We also did a class II-III section of the Lester as a cool down, which was a bit of splashy fun. I've got loads of great pictures from both rivers, so be patient and I'll get them posted as soon as I can. Check back for updates.


Bill Kabitz said...

Brian, thanks for the CD. The Knife rocks! I can't wait to paddle more north shore rivers. Looking forward to seeing the reset of the photos.

Bill Kabitz

Nora said...

I'm definately there the next time the Knife comes up. Great shots Bryan!! Love the film strip sequence!