Saturday, December 01, 2007


OK, so you might be getting sick of the pictures from our trip, but since I haven't had time to enjoy the newfallen snow yet (which is awesome, by the way), I figured I'd put this up. Kim combined her pics and mine and created this slideshow, complete with comments. Hope you like it. Unfortunately the link only transferred the Norway half of the show, so you'll just have to go off of the pics from the earlier posts for Ireland.

My Private Shoebox


Nora said...

Very nicely done! Beautiful trip! I haven't seen a grass roof since Door County Wisconsin. They had a restaurant up there that had a grass roof and they kept goats on it.

Bryan said...

Hey Nora, thanks. I was surprised to see how many grass roofs there were on old buildings. They were fairly common in the countryside. As for the slideshow, it's supposed to have 81 slides. Not sure why only 50 transferred.