Saturday, April 12, 2008

Off to Biloxi!

Beecher and I are off to Biloxi to rebuild some houses that the hurricane smashed 3 years ago. I was down in the same area a few weeks after the storm, so I'm excited to see what's changed. Here are some pics from the first trip to give you an idea of what the damage was like originally. Let's hope it's different now.

I'll do my best to update the blog while I'm down there. Supposedly I can upload pics from my new phone right to the blog, so that will be cool if it works. Stay tuned!


Nora said...

Hey Bryan...while you're down there see if you can find a good local restaurant that serves Oysters Bienville. We used to get those at a little restaurant in Baton Rouge and they were fantastic
if my memory serves right. Missed seeing you on the Kettle today!

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