Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend Fun

Spent the weekend doing a couple of different things. First, Jocelyne was visiting from Cali and I got to see her both Friday and Saturday nights. It was great to get together again and catch up. Kim also came out for a while on Saturday, despite her final exams this week.

Second, I spent a few hours down at the Verm on Saturday with about a dozen other paddlers. Railroad was awesome -- fast and punchy, with great spins, a couple of entry wheels, and some right-handed ends thrown into the river-left seam. Caleb and I surfed until we were too exhausted to paddle anymore. Graeme was rockin in there, dialing his spins steeper and steeper into wheels, but then got flipped and torqued his shoulder again. Nora also spent some time in there and looked great! To add some icing to the cake, rumor has it that the Kettle is opening up!

Unfortunately the rest of the weekend was spent working, but it was good to get caught up on some stuff.

Leave for a week of rebuilding houses in Biloxi, Mississippi this coming Sunday, so stay tuned for info about that!


Nora said...
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Nora said...

I talked to Chad at the pool and he was at the Kettle on Saturday. He said it was open all the way and est. it at! Now all we need it the Louis to open up!