Saturday, July 14, 2007


Meet the latest addition to the family! My new niece
Kaitlyn was born shortly after 11pm last night. She's 7lbs and 14oz and
just over 20" long. She's got some peach fuzz for hair and pretty big
feet for such a tiny thing. She and her mom had a bit of rough night
with some complications during birth, buteverything's great now and mom and baby are both happy and healthy. Congratulations to Craig and Sarah.

Congratulations are also in order for Zach and Steph,
whose baby boy Lucas was born just a couple days earlier. He is their
first baby and though I haven't been able to meet him yet I hear he is
a handsome and healthy boy. Congratulations toSteph and Zach.

prospective congrats to Jason and Alyssa, who are due on Monday. Best
of luck to you guys and I hope everything goes well!

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