Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kiting at White Bear

White bear earned its name today, as the afternoon was blanketed in mist and fog. That didn't stop Caleb, Jackie, Nick, Jeni, Tim S and I from getting out and having some fun. We took the kites out and spent some time skidding around between the drifts and ice patches. Nick and Jeni were trying out Nick's new 3.6m trainer, Caleb and Jackie were taking on turns flying the 15 (while the other was chasing them around to help relaunch when the wind died), and I was having fun shuttling people back upwind with the truck, pulling minivans out of snowdrifts, and trying to get some pictures. Unfortunately I only got pics of Caleb before it started to mist/rain and didn't really want to take my camera out after that. Despite the crazy weather, I think that everybody had a good day and I had a blast just being out there with everybody. As an added bonus, Jackie got to show off both her driving skills and the off-road capabilities of a Passat. We did a few miles out on the lake caravan-style dodging (and sometimes just smashing through) the drifts. I was amazed to see some of the things that little car went through.


Nora said...

Looks like a ton of fun!! Caleb looks like he's doing great!

Bryan said...

Caleb and Jackie are both really doing well. If we ever had decent conditions, they'd be rockstars!

Nora said...

Maybe Milly is in order. I have this Sunday off and next weekend also. I also have two kites now...three if I borrow my son's.