Sunday, March 30, 2008


Midwest Mountaineering put on their spring Mini-Expo yesterday down at the Verm. There were tons of paddlers, grilled brats and dogs, loads of boats to demo, and enough water to make the play features a really good time.

Graeme made Railroad look like his second home, spinning endlessly and working into low and mid-angle cartwheels, I managed to hit a couple of single and 2-end wheels as entry moves from the top of the foam pile, and just about everybody got some good rides down in the trough.

Donut was it's usual awesome self and people were rippin' it up. It also proved to be a great level for bodysurfing, so I took the opportunity of getting in the first couple of bodysurfs of the year.

I didn't get any pics with my camera, but I did steal Nora's for a few minutes and took some with hers. The ones you see here were taken off of her blog, but she's got more good ones on there so check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hey B!

It was too bad you had to bolt before the second run. Demo'ing the Super Fun just made me appreciate the RAD all the more! I had my best ever ride in Railroad and hit more than a few mid angle cartwheels. It turns out it is MUCH easier for me to engage the stern than the bow. Can you count a third end if, although you have to pause between 2 and 3, but are able to keep the boat on edge?

Man that was fan-TAS-tic! ;)


Bryan said...

Way to Go D! That rocks. Yeah, I think it counts, as long as the pause was brief. We'll call it 3. Sorry I missed it. I look forward to seeing the next 3.